Pecha Kucha

Thursday 19th March 13:45 - 17:30

Care to share your thoughts, ideas or experiences about designing or using games, social media or virtual worlds to transform learning?

You have 6 minutes, 40 seconds and 20 slides and your time starts NOW!

All delegates regardless of background, position, qualification or knowledge of the gaming or education sectors are invited to take part in this entertaining and very stimulating session presented in association with the London Games Fringe.

It's a game.

The rules are simple. Anybody can present but you're allowed 20 images that you show for 20 seconds each giving you a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds before the next presenter is up. You can't spend 6:40 on one image/slide or 2:20 or any other denomination you can only spend 20 seconds on each image/slide. It's all part of the fun and keeps presentations concise. If the facilitator decides then the presentation may be open for discussion with the audience otherwise it's straight on to the next presenter.

Each presentation is pre-loaded onto a laptop (Powerpoint or Keynote) and then is ready to go. The facilitator will make a brief introduction of the presenter and then the talk begins. Each presentation must be configured to advance every 20 seconds, so it's up to the speaker to keep pace with their slides.

For the latest line up of participants in this session click here.

More information about the origins of Pecha Kucha here.

This session will be hosted by Dave Green of the London Games Fringe.
Co-hosted by Andy Black, Technology Research Manager, Becta

To participate arrive with your presentation ready to go either on a USB thumbstick (Windows Vista, Powerpoint 2007 only) or on your laptop. Make sure you have 20 slides and that your presentation is configured to advance each slide automatically every 20 seconds to avoid disqualification and subsequent embarrassment or general heckling. Part of the fun is getting your point across in a short time with a silly number of slides.