Graeme Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of Caspian Learning

Graeme is the Chief Executive Officer of Caspian Learning where he has responsibility for all strategic planning, commercial, operational and partnering activities. Graeme is a leading expert on the development, use and deployment of games based learning applications and tools. Graeme believes passionately about the emergence of the 3D Web and Caspian has delivered serious and casual games deployments on social networking sites, across the web and within corporate infrastructures.

Graeme has delivered a wide variety of presentations and keynote speaches including, Serious Games DC, Serious Games Europe, Online Educa, ITEC, IITSEC and the elearning allance. Graeme has also written for many publications on these topics including, E-learning Age, HRD, HR Zone, Serious Games Source, EDGE, Training Magazine and IT Training.

Graeme brings a wealth of experience and qualification to this role. Prior to joining Caspian, Graeme was the Commercial Director of IVAX pharmaceuticals UK. This role was preceded by a six-year career at GlaxoSmithKline where he held a variety of sales and marketing roles, the last of which was Marketing Manager for their flagship Diabetes franchise. Graeme has also carried out work within the consulting sector for major FTSE brands.