Tim Chaney, CEO, Virgin Play SA, Spain

Tim Chaney describes himself as an interactive geriatric having joined the industry in 1981 at the UK outbreak of Vic 20 fever. From hardware sales at Commodore, Tim joined start-up publisher U.S. Gold in 1985 as Managing Director, which by 1989 was the biggest software 'house' in Europe (as they were referred to then). Approached by tiny Virgin Games in 1991, he built Virgin Interactive Entertainment to a joint No. 1 position with EA by 1995. The company was sold to Blockbuster, which was subsequently swallowed by Viacom and Tim bought the company back from Viacom in 1998. Sold to Titus Interactive in 1999, Tim moved to Spain and later purchased Virgin Interactive Entertainment España from Titus in 2002. Virgin Play S.A. (as it was renamed) is Spain's only independent publisher and distributor with titles based on Real Madrid™, Pocoyo™ and others. Its own new 2008 IP 'Mind Your Language™' on Nintendo DS will be launched at HHL'08.