March 19th - 20th 2009
The Brewery, London, EC1

The International Event for Game Based Learning

The Game Based Learning Conference is one of the largest events of its kind dealing with all aspects of games in learning best custom writing services say.

The huge surge of interest amongst education professionals, game companies, learners, employers, parents, public sector agencies and technology providers over the last 5 years has been demonstrated by the overwhelming success of the gaming strands in the Handheld Learning Conference.

Game Based Learning built on this success and provided more depth by creating stimulating, challenging and provocative dialogue spaces at the intersection between the education, gaming, social media and consumer electronics sectors. There, policy makers, thought leaders, innovators and key practitioners met and exchanged ideas, knowledge and experiences as part of a unique ongoing conversation.

Speakers included:


The focus of this vital exploration was the impact that commercial off the shelf video games, “serious” games, virtual worlds and social networks are having on new learning and teaching practice in and out of formal education environments.

Game Based Learning 2009 achieved:

  • An examination of practical examples of how games and other entertainment software are being embraced in schools, universities and other establishments.
  • Presented and discussed latest market data, trends and behaviors.
  • Debated the implications of video game and Internet rating systems in the context of learning and teaching.
  • Provided valuable social and networking opportunities for all delegates.
  • Produced and made available unique reference material for the interactive entertainment industry, policy makers, education professionals and the public.


More than anything else, the Game Based Learning 2009 Conference was be an important, highly stimulating and engaging conversation between traditionally disparate sectors that must now recognize their intrinsic value to one another.


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JA Newsflash

Commissioner Viviane Reding
"Videogames also help people – and older people more and more – to become accustomed to interaction with information technology".
Have video games and other interactive entertainment software lost their reputation as a modern day hazard for the well being of young minds?

Is it not the case that they are now being viewed, particularly in the education world, as a force to be reckoned with in terms of their positive impact on learning and teaching?
Derek Robertson, Learning and Teaching Scotland

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