Industry Forum

Thursday 19th March 14:00 - 17:30

Chaired by Chris Deering, Chairman, Codemasters

This forum presents a series of interactive discussions where delegate participation is encouraged. Each discussion begins with a presentation by industry leaders and then open's up to the floor for lively debate and contribution.


Discussion 1:

Theory, market research and real life: A case study in game based learning.

Presented by:
- Patrice Chazerand, Secretary General, ISFE
- Marco Minoli, Director, Slitherine

By merging the three subject areas of formal research in games for learning, common experiences from a theoretical perspective and real life examples based around commercial game titles that could be used for learning, Patrice and Marco will discuss the development of game titles and the impact of regulation and ratings systems.

This session includes an exclusive preview of the new Horrible Histories title for NIntendo Wii developed in association with Terry Deary.


Discussion 2:

Serious games, game based learning & ELSPA.

Presented by:
- Michael Rawlinson, Director General, ELSPA

Different stakeholders have been talking about using games in education for years. There have even been some very good examples of their application.

But how do we move the talk on and into a real and meaningful business?

Who should lead the way?

Does ELSPA have a role in this area, and if so what?

We want to know what the stakeholders want, this is your opportunity to tell us.


Discussion 3:

Location, location, location: the role of RDA's.

Presented by:
- Dan Licari, Advantage West Midlands

Even when we're involved in the creation and development of virtual spaces, social meeting places and immersive entertainment the geographical location of your physical business can make the difference between commercial success or stormy weather. Dan Licari will discuss the role of the Regional Development Agencies with emphasis on support and services offered to the games and serious games development community.


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