Michael Rawlinson, Director General, ELSPA

Michael was appointed Managing director of ELSPA in May 2006. Responsible for the day to day management of the association, his remit includes keeping up to date with all the political pressures facing the industry; the most important current issue being the age classification consultation which came out of the Byron Review into Children and New Technology.

Michael joined ELSPA in 1999 as General Manager to run the back office functions, and was promoted to Deputy Director General in November 2001.

Michael was instrumental in developing PEGI, the pan European voluntary age rating system for videogames, which came into operation April 2003.

Michael has recently been appointed as the videogames industry representative to the executive board of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. The establishment of the council was a key recommendation of the Byron Review, and this is a significant step forward for the recognition of the industry as an established part of our entertainment culture.


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