Next Generation Learning – Right here, right now

Monday 13th October

This session provided delegates the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the latest cutting edge examples of Next Generation Learning in action. This highly interactive session gave real insight to some of the exciting technologies used by learner’s right here, right now. Attendees of the session came away very inspired.

Too often the negative aspects of technology are the focus of media attention. At this session, learners were placed centre stage using technology both in and out of school. Live examples were provided of real teachers and learners who have put Next Generation Learning into practice while retaining excellent teaching.

A range of schools from across the country provided a show and tell with a difference. There were robots, recording devices, blogging, mobile and gaming consoles. Delegates were invited to hear, see and touch where they have come from, what they are doing now and where next.

Delegates were not expected to like all the messages but it was hoped they would be inspired, a little bit shaken and maybe even stirred by what they observed and, indeed, delegate feedback proved this to be the case from this successful session.

The session showcased examples and involved delegates in new ways. A competition ran throughout to sum up what Next Generation Learning should be like where attendees would use their mobile to create a text that describes what learning should be like in 160 characters or less.

The 90 minute session was led by Andy Black of Becta (bio)
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Andy was joined by:

Andrew Davies, Clunbury Primary School
Nic Hughes, Nightingale Primary
Gavin Hawkins, Wolverhampton LEA
Headteacher, Willington Primary School, County Durham
Deputy Headteacher, Willington Primary School, County Durham
Matt Buxton, Djnogoly City Academy, Nottingham